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Business Optimization Consulting

At Human Capital Transformation, LLC., we work with you to better understand your current workforce ecosystem and to provide solutions that achieve consistent, predictable, profitable results. Areas where we are typically engaged include:

  • Core Employees: Attraction, Alignment, Retention and Performance Management 
  • Clients:  Acquisition, Selection (and deselection), Delivery Alignment, Growth and Pricing
  • Consultants: Identification to Redeployment; Leveraging People and Technology to create optimum solutions
  • Compensation: Executive, Management, and Associates; Base, Commission and Long Term Incentives (LTI's)
  • Compliance: Differentiation through validated processes that are technology enabled
  • Communication:  Creating Awareness, Leverage, and Accountability through Structure, Timing, and Delivery 


Interim Executive Management

Many organizations have gaps in executive leadership caused by by a number of factors which may include: 

  • The desire to launch new products or services where expertise is not internal to the organization
  • Unexpected resignations and terminations where no immediate replacement has been identified
  • The need for Succession planning and the development of future leaders to prepare them to assume the mantle of Executive Leadership.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions, on both the seller and the buyer sides, where the need for Valuation Analysis, Selection of Bankers, Management Presentations, Due Diligence, and post close integration exists.

In the above cases, we will work with your teams in an Interim Executive Management capacity, Full or Part time, focusing on overall strategy, operational leadership and day to day management. 


Board Member or Executive Advisor

In many instances an additional Board Member or an Executive Advisor is needed to act as a sounding board for the establishment of best practices, policies and procedures, providing business oversight and offering unique strategic guidance that maximizes shareholder wealth inclusive of M&A activities. In each of these capacities, we provide significant experience and value to your company.