Frquently Asked Questions


I may need a consultant, what should I expect?

Understanding how and when to bring in consultants can be a daunting task. Our discovery process, which is typically one to three days in length, will create a deliverable that provides you with a detailed list of prioritized items that focus on short-term, mid-term and long-term objectives. This plan is yours and our recommendations will not change whether you select Human Capital Transformation, LLC for any additional work or not. 

Our focus is to help you focus, and to ensure that you get the results that you are looking for as quickly as possible. Given that we may not specialize in certain areas that are ultimately prioritized; If we are not the best resource to achieve those goals, then we will guide you to the proven experts that we believe will exceed your expectations.


Do I need a Consultant, Interim Executive, or an Executive Advisor?

 If you need specific industry or functional expertise in areas such as sales, compensation or operations and where including your team's inputs at various levels is critical to the outcome, you probably need a consultant. The consultant should have domain expertise in your industry and in the individual functional areas as well as be able to participate at a detailed level to map out and deliver results.

If your issues are focused on long term strategy related to your business and you need day to day assistance at an executive level to guide one or more of your business functions because of a current lack of internal expertise or bandwidth, then you probably need an Interim Executive.

If you are seeking consistent engagement on an as needed or scheduled basis, focused on Owner or C suite level issues where strategies and discussions are significant and confidential, then an Executive Advisor is likely the best bet.


How do you establish your rates?

We work with our clients to establish a rate structure that works best for their individual situation; we will invoice clients based on an hourly, daily, or on a retained basis. In special situations, such as mergers and acquisition work, we will leverage one or more of the above options in combination with a success fee arrangement that is  based on specific outcomes that are achieved.